Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Menace on your mobile

News filtering through the lofty windows of Refresh Towers this morning informs us that there is a rather large buzz about getting such comic classics as The Beano and The Dandy converted from their traditional paper formats to the digital medium of MMS!



(No... Really)


"Publishers are looking at challenging traditional comic books by sending children stories, frame by frame, straight to their handsets as picture messages."

Which is quite frankly - AMAZING!

Don't get us wrong, magazines on your mobile are pretty damn good, (or 'Mobizines' as we like to call them - ahem)...

But comic books too? That'd be awesome...!

I'm sure that the kids (who I'm sure this particular money-making venture is aimed at) would probably only have to pay something like £1.50 per issue/MMS delivery... and kids are so good with their mobile phone subscription services - I mean - they never get ripped off!

Now if only there was a service out there already - that could deliver such comic classics like Garfield and/or Dilbert...

As well as provide users with the ability to create their own comic strips...
And then to get them sent straight to your phone...

For free.
No subscription charge.

Now THAT would be AWESOME.



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janissery said...

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