Monday, 30 April 2007

Mobizines Exclusive!

Got an N73 or an N95 folks?
Well just in case you haven't - why not have a look in your applications folder for something called 'Download!'.
FYI - That's the icon over there ---------------------->

Found it?
Now click on it - you should see a screen that looks like this:

Got it? No? Missing some icons? Ok...
Hit 'Options' then 'Refresh list' to update the content...
Got it now? Cool.
Now click on 'Services UK'.
And you should see a screen like this:

That's right... Mobizines!

Not only is it now available for download onto the N95/N73 care of the Nokia Download App (Or 'Nokia Content Discoverer (NCD)' as we call it in the business, but it is also the super-whuzzy flash client too!
So no more having to email us your operator/number etc... while we wait for Symbian signing.


A big thanks to all the guys at Nokia for helping us get this live.
We really really appreciate it.

Ooo - and in keeping with the blogging tradition - a big shout out to Neil at for being one of the first bloggers to notice...


Alessandro said...


so the Mobzine client is the Flash Lite version?


Whatley said...

It is indeed Alessandro!


Darla said...

Awww too bad it doesn't work in the US. I tried updating the Downloads! section on my N95, but the new Mobizines wasn't there :(