Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Not the N95!

There have been a few mutterings around the office of late that we're concentrating too much on the Nokia N95 on this here new(ish) fancy blog of ours...


We're happy to announce that the Mobizines service is now live on the Nokia 6300.

To quote Nokia:

"Clean, modern design with stainless steel covers, 2 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, music player and FM radio, multimedia messaging, and a video player and recorder..."

Well they should add 'Mobizines Reader' to that list too!

The Nokia 6300, the Nokia N95 and the Nokia E65 are all over the press (certainly in the UK anyway) at the moment and we're happy shout out that we support all of these handsets.
The current clients are all Java but we are working on Symbian variants for both the N95 and the E65.

On a personal note - a friend of mine got the 6300 a while back and I almost dumped my (then) N73 for it overnight!
It is a great little phone and probably the best choice for non-techie/non-business mobile phone users.

Anyone out there got one of these handsets?
Have you tried Mobizines?

Let us know!
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PS - Click here to see our handset compatibility list

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