Thursday, 19 April 2007

What's in yours?

Got an N95?
I have. So has Richie.
Rich got his from T-Mobile.
I got mine from Vodafone.

Let's have a quick comparison, shall we?

Two sections: Box & Handset

In the box for T-Mobile:

  • Handset (obviously)
  • Mains Charger
  • TV-Out Cable
  • Hands-Free Kit
  • Mini-USB Cable
So that's what Rich got.
Me and my Vodafone package?
Well I got all of the above PLUS the following:
  • In-Car Charger
  • 512mb MicroSD Memory Card + SD Adaptor
  • CA-44 Adaptor (the thing that changes old Nokia charges to new ones - you know the one)
First round to me then... er...I mean Vodafone.

Ok - moving on - What about on the handset?

T-Mobile - Rich got LOADSA stuff!
Vodafone - I got LOADSA stuff too! Except...

I'm missing my Internet Telephony Settings - (just like the Orange variant).
Not only that but also on Richie's download app - he gets cool stuff like:
System Rush, EA Games, Gizmo VOIP...
What do I get?


No matter how many times I refresh - ALL I GET IS SNAKES!

T-Mobile (Richie) wins that round then!

Conclusion? It's a draw*.
If you want loads of accessories and stuff (and you don't mind missing out on a few features) then get your N95 from VFUK.
If you want access to all of your N95 features & software (and are quite happy to purchase your own accessories) then get your N95 from T-Mobile.

Happy shopping!
Obviously we haven't checked Orange and/or 3 - so if you have this handset on either of these networks - let us know what you have and haven't got!

*On this note - Rich thinks that ultimately I'll win as I kind of have a bit of a reputation for flashing the odd phone or two... ahem.

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