Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Big news from Samsung

64Gb worth to be precise, cos that's how big the new SSD hard drives are according to this magisterial post from DigitalWorldTokyo. At the moment these things are only found in the big Windows Mobile devices but with a 1.8 inch footprint (that's a smidge over 45mm) it would fit in the beefier variety of normal phones (yes, Nokia we're looking at you.)

64Gb would take my entire music collection and leave me with just enough space to store my contacts. Now I just need to find someone willing to build an audiophile headphone preamp for mobiles and my perfect phone could be around the corner.

These things will be everywhere soon: according to DGT Samsung is predicting an increase in revenue from $400m a year this year to $6.1bn by 2010. That's like a gazillion per cent or something.


Whatley said...

So hang on -
Your "entire music collection" along with your contacts?!



J L Smith said...

Oh yeah: "And Mobizines"