Thursday, 29 March 2007

Dolce & Gabbana Gold RAZR with Eelskin Case

I was just putting together a post on the Prada phone (soon come), when this appears in my blog roll via Digital World Tokyo: the D&G RAZR. Not only is it gold (gold I tell ya!) but it comes in an eelskin case and costs four times as much as a standard RAZR. They are therefore flying off the shelves.

Incidentally the choice of eelskin is interesting as there's an old urban myth that says eelskin wallets can wipe the data off the mag strips on your credit cards. Luckily MythBusters showed that one to be wrong so your SIM data will be safe. In fact they had to go up to 800 Henries or Gausses or something to wipe the data - if Cap'n Hex was here he'd tell me the right term, but he's at Star Trek convention dressed as a tribble.

UPDATE: turns out we had Gold D&G phones in the UK two years ago, but they're now discontinued. A rare case of Japan being behind the rest of the world. Bet we didn't have eelskin cases though.


Whatley said...

Whatley's opinion on the RAZR: Meh

Cap'n Hex said...

Tribbles be damned!!

I'll be avin' ye know I be 'shreddin the gnar' in Tignes me hearties!