Monday, 26 March 2007

Look! We've got an N95!

Well - we've got three actually...

...and Guess what?!
Mobizines looks GREAT on it!

I managed to let the techies upstairs let one out of their sight for a whole week a little while back and I can safely say you are looking at the phone of 2007.

Do not misunderstand me when I say this - I'm not talking about 'the phone' that everyone will be chatting/blogging about (they're already doing that).
What I'm saying is - by the middle of the Summer; EVERYONE YOU KNOW WILL HAVE ONE.

Y'know how right now everyone's either got an N73 or a Sony K800i?
(that's the case in this office anyway)
Well forget about your iphones buddy - the N95 is the way forward.

What can I tell you about it?
Hmmm... Well - a few mobile bloggers have their own N95 RIGHT NOW - so there's probably not much I can tell you that hasn't been covered already...
My own opinion?
It's cool.

It slides both ways, which is cool.
It has a 'proper' headphone jack, which is cool.
It has a massive screen, which is cool.
It's got an AMAZING camera, which is also cool.
Nokia Pop-port? No.
Mini USB Port? Yes.

That last point - I'm sure it will a good thing in the long run (no - scrap that - I'm certain, I've already half-inched my colleague's blackberry cable) but Nokia just keeps changing things! AARGH!

That doesn't really count though - the phone is amazing and really needs to be seen to be believed.
Vodafone have promised me my own one in 2wks. These things often get delayed so we'll see - but if you manage to see one out on the market, get one!

Then once you've got one - Get Mobizines!


Robert Andrews said...

What's the BBC thing? A Widset?

Whatley said...

Hi Robert,

The BBC 'thing' is the BBC News Mobizines service.

Get your N95 edition at

Or if you don't yet have an N95 and want to try it out then get yourself along to

Go on... Give it a go - we love it!