Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Our New Blog...

Welcome to our new blog folks!

We've been working on it for a few days now and it is finally beginning to take shape.

Lets have a quick look around shall we?

This side of things is the actual blog.
This is where we'll wax lyrical about what makes us happy, what makes us sad and what makes us want to sit in the Marketing Den and eat cake.
As you can see we've covered off most of that already...

That's the main part covered...
Arrgh - Sorry, just being poked by Ops.

What is it?!
Oh.. Ok!

We will also be letting you know about any service outages/upcoming releases that will effect you directly.

Now - on the left of your screen we have the following...
  • Mobizines Preview - Believe it or not - this is VERY similar to what the Mobizines service will actually look like on your handset! We have a few titles for you to browse here on the blog - but the rest of them, (the other 60 or so), are only available on the mobile client itself.
  • Latest Mobizines - Kinda self-explanatory this one. Got Mobizines? Yes? Good! Make sure you update your list to see/add the latest titles to 'GO LIVE' on the service.
  • Blog Archive - Once again, does exactly what it says on the tin. 'Tis quite small at the moment, but hey! This place is only two days old! We do have actual work to do y'know?!
  • Your Hosts - The folk who write this place and keep it up to date. This list currently consists of plebans from Product, Web and Ops. We're working on adding more folks from the respective depts around the office(s). Marketing are next. Yes. You know who you are.
  • Our Links - We'd be silly if we didn't have links off to all things Mobizine/Eyemag related. The links here cover off everything that we have put online about ourselves. Have a look - see what you think - then let us know in the comments!
  • Blog Roll - Who do we like? What do we read? If you're on it - we read it. Wanna be on it? Drop us an email at or let us know in the comments. Expect this list to grow.
  • Technorati Search for: mobizines - This, I am reliably informed, is here to show us where we are being talked about as well as looking 'pretty cool'. Consider it our way of embedding ourselves more deeply into the mesh that is 2.0. ...whatever that means.
  • On the Office Sound System - Conveniently for us, the coolest cat in the office has her PC wired up to the speaker system. And fortunately for you - the tunes normally come via - so this list automatically updates! Huzzah! We like - it's how we share our love of underground Swedish thrash metal... and The Cure.
  • Labels - Labels are labels. We like to label things.

Have I missed anything?

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