Friday, 25 May 2007

Future here we come

Sony's not dead yet!
Sure they might have the odd problem but Sony's R&D is still rocking. We haven't seen anything with quite as much of a "I want one of those now and I don't care how much it costs me in time, money or personal self-esteem" factor as the 16.7m colour OLED displays Sony demo'd yesterday...

That's more colours than my MacBook Pro, thank you Apple.

Still, it's kind of funny it taken a world of designers a year to notice that they only have 6 bit colour.

Anyway, you want to see what this awesome new thing looks like?

Well it turns out there's this really cool new thing called YouTube, which is like television, only better because the pictures are smaller and there's less chance of seeing Kate Thornton or an Ocean Finance ad unless you really want to. And someone (EDIT: The awesome nihonblog PinkTentacle) has posted a clip from Japanese TV up there.
It's right here.
Right now.

There are higher resolution OLEDs, but Sony's is the first that looks like it's consumer quality. Not sure about the support wiring round the edges, but when that's smaller this will change the way we approach gadgets altogether.

At the moment mobile phone screens are limited by some fairly straightforward human factors like the width of the hand and the desire not to look completely nebbish while making a call.

Ever seen someone making a call on an old-school Blackberry? My point exactly...

Add in a display that rolls up and you can have both a phone that fits neatly in an inside pocket and massive screen real estate when you need it.

So hurry up with the future, Sony-researcher-san. I'm already a couple of decades overdue on my hovercar and personal jet pack and I need my fix!

Story from Digital World Tokyo, video from PinkTentacle, image pinched from

And Lolcats rule.


GeekYouUp said...

It has got to be said, that is so cool. But it has been pointed out that these OLED screens will eventually end up on all the boxes, jars and random packaging in the supermarkets, even your peanut butter will have a little guy jumping up and down on it shouting buy me buy me. When the jar leaves the shelf it'll switch to a set of predefined ads to run on your breakfast table till the battery runs out. Finally the advertisers get their dream, no space is dead space.

J L Smith said...

You have peanut butter for breakfast?

Anonymous said...

Thats what I need in my life.... Peanut butter that talks to me.