Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Feedback Forum

We've had some mail!


Well - ok - not actual mail. But one of our readers has commented on this lovely blog of ours and we thought we'd re-post it and give it a (well deserved) response.

Well - here's the comment we received:

"Hey. I dont usually comment on websites.
But this ones thrown me...
I found out about this blog way back at the first day.
I was super hoping to see more about wap design, the process you might go through, Some thoughtful insight on the mobile world, etc etc...
But all ive seen is a plug for your mobizines site - Which obviously its about mobizines so why not.
But I was super hoping I would see more informative posts.
Hopefully you take this comment to heart because you people seem to know what your talkin' about.
If you do take this to heart... mabye you can explain how its feasible for you to offer up mobizines free? I'm wondering how you would benefit mainly in this question.

Heres hoping you run with my comment. (and not to the trash bin)

Signed: Anonymous"

First off - Thank you for your feedback Mr Anonymous (whoever you are!).
When we got the email here at Mobizines with your comments in we immediately forwarded it to our techie/development team and challenged them to come up with some more 'informative' (shall we say) posts about Mobizines etc and how they all work.

Basically - Your comments have been taken on board and we are doing something about it!
Originally we didn't want the blog to become overly-techie and/or just a 'plug for the Mobizines site' - but if more process/design stuff is what you want - then we shall try and fulfil that need, (as well as sticking in the odd random post as per usual).


In answer to one of your questions mind -
(about Mobizines being free) -
Have a look at the last paragraph of our very first post.
Hopefully that might go some way in explaining how we do it - let us know if not!


Here's hoping this 'Feedback Forum' section becomes a regular thing...
If you have something to contribute to the Mobizines team or if you have any feedback about the service and/or the blog - You can reach us by either:

a) Leaving a comment on this here blog of ours or
b) Mailing us at

We're generally quite a nice bunch of folk and most things get addressed pretty sharpish..
Hope to hear from you soon!

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women forum is a great idea for feedback!